Pi-Lib Node

Covered in this chapter:

In this part you will learn to set up the nodes of Pi-Lib; these nodes are the computers that are available to the public to perform searches in the catalogue or to ask for help. Please follow all steps in ‘Pi-Lib: Basics’ closely. You’ll have to use one device as a server and another device as the base for your nodes. At the end of this chapter you will have a custom image that can be cloned to as many SD-cards as required by the library; all it takes after building this image is configuring one file, expanding the file system and creating an autorun entry. These three steps shouldn't take more than ten minutes and are pretty straightforward.


Table of content:

Making and securing our user accounts

Downloading and configuring Pi-Lib

Creating the shortcut

Changing the automatic login

Making a custom image and cloning it

Customizing every node

Auto-start Pi-Lib


Demo (+/-15 minutes):




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