Making and securing our user accounts

In this phase we have to secure our ‘Pi’ user account by repeating the steps we did for the server. We’ll also have to add a new user that doesn’t have sudo rights. This new user account is going to be the account that’s available to the public.

1) Start by securing the 'Pi' account

Raspi-config option2

  • Open up pi-assistant.
  • Click the option that says ‘Raspbian Configuration Tool’.
  • Go to the option that says ‘Change User Password’ and press enter.
  • Verify the window that comes up with ‘<Ok>’.Password console
  • Type in the new password and press enter.
  • Retype the password and press enter.
    • Warning: You won't see on your screen what you're typing, so pay close attention to what you are doing. 
  • You will see a screen that tells you if the password was changed successfully.
    • Close it by selecting ‘<Ok>’. Password changed successfully
  • Close the Raspbian Configuration Tool by selecting ‘<Finish>’.





2) Adding a new user The code to add a new user to the Raspbion OS.

  • Open a terminal window.
  • Type:
    sudo adduser
    followed by the name you want to give to this account, for instance:
    sudo adduser public
    • It’s recommended to give a name without spaces in it.
    • Press ‘Enter’.
    • Provide the password for this account (You won’t see it on the screen), and press ‘Enter’.The completed process that has created a new user with the name 'public'.
    • Retype the password and press ‘Enter’ again.
    • You will be prompted five times to provide additional content. You can ignore this by pressing ‘Enter’ for every prompt.
    • Then you will be asked if the information is correct. Press ‘y’.
  • Write down the name and the password for the public user account in the mnemonic. These account credentials should be known to all library staff.






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