Getting started: Installing Raspbian to an SD-card

Make sure you have the following before starting:

  • Micro SD-card (8GB or more)
  • Micro SD-card adapter
  • Computer
  • Working installation of Win32 Disk Imager
  • Downloaded Raspbian Image

Installation process:

  1. Start by unzipping the Raspbian Image file you've downloaded earlier, use your file extraction program for this. Make sure you unzip the file in an easy to remember location. The extracted file should be a little bit over 4GB.
  2. Now you can start Win32 Disk Imager, you will be prompted for Administration privileges, click YES. A simple program should pop up.W32DM Install steps
  3. Insert the Micro SD-Card in its adapter, make sure to check that the SD-card adapter isn't locked (Write-protected) and put that in the SD-Card slot of your computer.
  4. Go to my computer and look for the SD-card, remember the drive-letter.
  5. Switch back to Win32 Disk Imager, click the drop-down menu "Device" and select the letter that corresponds with the drive-letter you found in step 4.
  6. Now, still in Win32 Disk Imager, click the blue folder icon and navigate the .IMG file you extracted in step 1. 
  7. Now the options "Read" and "Write" are available, choose "Write".
  8. You will be prompted, don't worry about the message and click "Yes", this will start the writing process to the SD-card; this process may take some time. On a fast computer it took about five minutes to write to a Class10 Micro-SD card.


Some tips:

  • Not all windows accounts have admin-privileges, if this prevents you from launching Win32 Disk Imager, contact your system administrator.
  • If you plan on leaving your computer, make sure it won't go into sleeping mode.



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