Disable the screensaver

There are a few options to disable the Raspbian Screensaver, some of them require modifying essential system files, others don’t. In this manual we’ll use a method that relies on an external package and we’ll then use that package to disable the default screensaver.Terminal window to install the xscreensaver with 'Y' prompt

  • Open the terminal and type the following code:

     sudo apt-get install xscreensaver

  • Wait for the program to install; press ‘y’ when prompted during installation.
  • Go to the start button, navigate to ‘Preferences’ and click ‘Screensaver’. Launch xscreensaver through the Raspbian GUI
  • This will open the screensaver program we just installed.
    • The first time you open it, it will prompt you about the ‘Daemon service’, press ‘OK’ when prompted and it will be fine.
  • Click on the dropdown menu next to ‘Mode:’ and choose ‘Disable Screen Saver’.
  • Close the program.

Xscreensaver GUI: Set the Mode to 'Disable Screen Saver'.

The reason we had to disable this is quite straightforward. The server is actually just a computer that sits idle for all day and displays a message if one of the nodes sends a request for help. If the screensaver kicked in, we wouldn’t see that message, which would defeat the purpose of having that functionality.


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