Creating the shortcut

We will create an autostart entry after configuring the ‘device.ini’ file, nonetheless, a desktop shortcut that’s available to the public user account may come in handy. As they can launch the program easily if the Pi-Lib program crashes or has been closed by the staff accidentally.

  • Open the ‘Tools’ folder.
  • Run the file that’s called ‘shortcut’
  • You can find the generated shortcut in the ‘Pi_Lib’ folder.
    • You can copy this shortcut to your own desktop, but it is intended for the public user of the Raspberry Pi.
  • Log out of your Raspberry Pi
  • Log in as the public user with the appropriate password.
  • Open the file explorer by clicking the folder icon on the taskbar.
    • In this window, click the upwards-pointing arrow to go to the parent folder.
    • In this folder you should see two folders:
      • One folder with the name of the user you created.
      • One folder with the name ‘pi’.
    • Open the ‘pi’ folder.
      • Open the ‘Documents’ folder.
      • Open the ‘Pi_Lib’ folder.
    • Copy the ‘Pi-Lib shortcut’ to the desktop.
      • Don’t move it, you don’t have the permissions to do this.



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