Changing the autologin

  • Log out from the public user account and log back in as the ‘Pi’ user.
  • Run PiAssistant.
  • Click the button that says ‘Usercontrol’, this will bring up the ‘lightdm.conf’ file.
    • Look for the line that says: Section of the editied lightdm.conf file.
    • Replace ‘pi’ by the name of the public user account. In the case of this manual this becomes:
  • Save the file, from now on the Raspbian system will automatically boot into the public user account.
    • Reboot the machine to verify this; you can verify this by opening the file explorer and look what’s after ‘/home/’ in the address bar.
  • Feel free to customize the desktop layout for the public user. You can for instance remove the terminal icon as PiLib doesn’t need it in the public account.


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