Auto-start Pi-Lib

Just as with the server we want our program to start at launch. This is no required step, so you can skip this step if you prefer launching the program manually. However, you have to ensure that the launch icon is on the desktop of the public account. If you followed the manual closely, you have done this in ‘Creating the shortcut’.

  • Upon reboot you are in the public user account.
  • Open the file explorer.
    • In this window, click the upwards-pointing arrow to go to the parent folder.
    • Open the ‘pi’ folder.
    • Open the ‘Documents’ folder.
    • Open the ‘Pi_Lib’ folder.
    • Open the ‘Tools’ folder.
    • In this folder you will see a program with the same icon as the terminal, it is named ‘autorun generator’
      • Double click it.
      • Don’t double click the ‘autorun generator’ file, it won’t work for this account!
  • Done! You now have a fully functional node that the public can use.

From now on, on every reboot the Raspberry Pi will automatically log in as the public user, it will then automatically launch Pi-Lib which will read the variables in ‘libwide.ini’ and ‘device.ini’.